Sand mining foe on city agenda

Arianna Parkinson, one of the Fay residents who spoke Monday morning to Custer County commissioners about possible depletion of the Rush Springs Aquifer by sand mining companies which are coming into that area, will address the Clinton City Council this Tuesday.
Ms. Parkinson will speak during the Clinton Public Works Authority portion of the meeting. Her subject, as listed on the agenda, is “depletion of Rush Springs Aquifer.”
The full meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. and will be held as usual at City Hall.
Fay residents who spoke at the commissioners’ meeting Monday were very concerned that the sand mining operations could deplete or even destroy the Rush Springs Aquifer within 20 years. One named several cities which could be affected, citing Clinton as one of them.
The Clinton Daily News reporter who covered the meeting did not mention Clinton in his story, though, because he was under the impression it does not get any of its water from the Rush Springs.
City Manager Mark Skiles,  consultant on its new water plant, confirmed that Friday. He did say, however, that some private wells near the city may be dependent on the Rush Springs.
Teel said 99 percent of the city’s water comes from Lake Clinton and Foss Reservoir, both of which have recharged surface water. “There is no aquifer involved,” he said.
Mayor David Berrong had told the same reporter earlier that he thought water in the city’s two new golf course wells might come from the Rush Springs. But he referred the reporter to Teel, who denied that also.
He said water in the golf course wells comes from the Washita Alluvium, which is basically an underground water stream that parallels the Washita River.
Berrong said he did give Ms. Parkinson permission to speak at Tuesday’s meeting but directed that she be put on a part of the agenda where council members could converse back and forth with her.
He also said he has seen one of the sand mining operations that’s already set up near Fay and indicated it was massive. “It looks like a city in the middle of a desert,” he said.

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