Tucker McGee

Murder suspect bound over

   A 17-year-old juvenile who agreed to a plea agreement with prosecutors told in detail Monday morning how he saw JaRay Wilson shot twice in the head the evening of Oct. 14, 2012.

   He identified the shooter as his friend, Tucker McGee, 19, of Weatherford, who has been charged with murder in the first degree – malice aforethought. The juvenile’s testimony came in a preliminary hearing for McGee.

   He said he watched in his rear-view mirror as McGee shot the 16-year-old girl in the head while both she and the suspect were standing along a road north of Weatherford. He indicated he was in the process of making a U-turn when he saw the first shot fired and pulled alongside the body as the victim lay on the ground, and watched as McGee fired a second shot to her head.

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