MCYFS ‘Sweetheart Dance’ set

Last year’s “Dads & Dates Dance” fundraiser, sponsored by Multi-County Youth and Family Services, was so successful that they’re going to do it again, said MCYFS board president Rhonda Shephard. But this year they’re expanding it to include mothers and sons as well.
The event has been renamed the “Sweetheart Dance” and will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 9 at the Frisco Center. 
“After last year’s dance, right away people started asking if we were going to do it again,” said Shephard. “They posted the pictures they took, and several times last year I’d have people come up to me and ask if we were going to have the dance again next year.
“We didn’t expect the turnout we had. We thought we’d be lucky to sell 30 tickets, which would have been about 60 people. But it turned out we had about 125 people there.”
Shephard said they decided to go co-ed after hearing from many mothers who wanted to take their sons to the dance, too. Besides being a fun way to spend time together, they wanted them to experience getting dressed up and being in a more formal setting than their regular everyday activities. 
“After last year’s dance we had mothers say, ‘There’s never anything for us!’ So we tried to figure out something we could do.,” said Shephard. “A family dance will be a fun way to raise money for Multi-County and provide a service to the community, too.”

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