Witnesses here were named in Norman cases


Copies of rape-by-instrumentation charges filed Thursday in Norman by the office of Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn confirmed that the two victims in those cases were two of the same women who testified Thursday in the Custer County trial of Weatherford resident Stephen Homan.
Homan, 24, was found guilty late Thursday night by a jury of seven men and five women of raping a Southwestern Oklahoma State University coed on March 12, 2017. The jury recommended a five-year prison sentence.
The two women named as victims in the Cleveland County cases had been allowed to testify here by District Judge Doug Haught after they were questioned first outside the jury’s presence.
Assistant District Attorney Dana Hada, with the assent of District Attorney Angela Marsee, wanted them as witnesses here to show that Homan had a pattern of such behavior and the incident at Weatherford involving the SWOSU student was probably not a one-time thing.
After the conviction here, Norman police called him a “suspected serial rapist.”
He is charged in Cleveland County with two counts of rape by instrumentation. The instrument allegedly used there was his finger, first against one of the women on June 25, 2017, and against the other on Nov. 12, 2017.
It was brought out in the Custer County trial that both those incidents occurred after Homan was charged at the courthouse in Arapaho and while the charges here were being investigated.
Weatherford Police Detective Matt Bartel, principal investigator in the rape of the SWOSU coed, was among four witnesses endorsed for the Cleveland County cases when the charges were filed there. No doubt there will be more witnesses by the time those trials take place, if they do.
The other witnesses already endorsed are Norman police officers Justin Parker, Kellee Robertson and Ryan Rylant.
An affidavit accompanying the charges was written by Officer Robertson.
It states that she interviewed one of the victims who stated that on June 25, 2017, she went to some bars in Norman with friends from work “and they ran into a guy named Stephen Homan.” The woman had testified here that she and Homan were in the same National Guard unit. He was living at 1020 N. Caddo St. in Weatherford.
The Norman affidavit quotes the woman as saying that after the bars closed they went to a friend’s apartment at 3301 Twelfth Ave. SE in Norman.
“She stated that she wanted to go to sleep so she went to sleep in a bedroom and was alone,” the affidavit reads. She is quoted as saying that after she was asleep Homan entered the room and she was awakened by him touching her inappropriately.
It goes on to say that by then another male, also a guardsman, had fallen asleep in the room and was awakened by the woman telling Homan to get out. The affidavit quotes the second male, Jason Materne, as telling Officer Robertson that he remembered the night in question but did not see what Homan was doing; however, he recalled being awakened by the female guardsman telling Homan to get out.
Materne also told Officer Robertson about yet another incident when Homan was accused of touching a female inappropriately.
On that occasion, the party apparently was at Materne’s residence, and he allegedly told Robertson “a female guest left the apartment and ran to a fire station to call the police because she had been touched inappropriately by Homan.”
The affidavit continues: “I asked him (Materne) how he knew that Homan was the one who touched that girl inappropriately.” Robertson said Materne told her another guest claimed to have seen Homan enter the room just before the alleged victim ran out saying she had been touched.
Robertson also wrote that she looked up a Norman police case in which the victim had the same name as the second woman named in the charges there and who was the second woman that Judge Haught allowed to testify here as a late addition to the witness list.
In the Norman police case that Robertson looked up, she said the report stated that the victim left a party saying she had been touched inappropriately and ran “to an ambulance station.” Robertson said she spoke to that woman herself. She said the woman told her she was drinking and fell asleep, then woke up naked with a man who was doing inappropriate things to her.
The woman said a female friend of hers, Ashley Brown, told her Homan had entered her room just before she ran out.
Robertson wrote that she interviewed Ms. Brown who confirmed what the alleged victim had said. The officer said Brown told her that the victim had described the man as the person with whom she (Brown) had been playing beer pong. “Brown stated that she only played beer pong with one person and that was Stephen Homan,” wrote Robertson.
The affidavit was dated Aug. 7, 2018.

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