Three new bridges OK’d for county


Custer County commissio-ners got what appeared to be good news when bids were opened Monday morning for three new small bridges, two of them on edges of the county.
Only two companies submitted bids, but on all three one bidder’s figures were about half what the other’s were. The winning bidder in each instance was Dietz Welding and Bridge Construction of Cleo Springs, a small town 11 miles north of Fairview.
“Both these companies are quality firms,” said Commissioner Wade Anders in whose District 1 one of the bridges will be built.
It will be located on County Road 2300 one-tenth of a mile south of the Dewey County line and approximately three miles east of U.S. Highway 183.
The other two are in Commissioner Lyle Miller’s District 3. One is near the intersection of C.R.’s 970 and 2130 about two miles southwest of Butler. It’s also north and east of the upper reaches of Foss Reservoir.
The third one is in Commissioner Miller’s district near C.R.’s 890 and 2040, right at the west edge of the county about seven miles north of Hammon.
None of the bridges are over major streams. They’ll all be about the same size – 30 feet long by 26½ feet wide. They’ll have steel beams and concrete decks.
Dietz’s winning bids on two of them were $25,250 apiece and $26,250 on the one south of Butler. If any of the piers have to be driven past 40 feet deep to reach resistance rock, there’ll be an additional $40 per foot.
RRY Services of Stillwater was the other bidder. Its comparable figure was $49,000 per bridge.
Commissioner Miller said the steel in the bridges will be a combination of new steel and beams the county has had on hand for some time. He said when an old bridge is taken out, the beams in it are salvaged if they’re still in good shape and suitable for use on other projects.
The county also will provide rebar for the concrete.
County crews will tear out the three old bridges.
“I’m excited about my project,” said Commissioner Anders. He said he had been thinking each new bridge would cost about $30,000 so his should be approximately $5,000 below that.

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