Skid steer of mayor’s called stolen


A 2012-model Bobcat skid steer rented Jan. 30 from Clinton Mayor David Berrong’s Grand Rental Station has not been returned and is presumed to be stolen. It’s valued at approximately $30,000.
Detective Lt. Ray Hammans said the skid steer was loaded onto an eight-foot car haul trailer. The renter said it was being obtained for a friend, Jason Pedro, who allegedly helped pick it up with a truck he was driving.
Hammans said the renter was a woman who told police that after a few blocks, she got out and Pedro took over, driving away with it. He has been arrested since then on another matter, and subsequently charged with embezzlement for allegedly taking the skid steer and not returning it.
Apparently police did not know of his involvement until a red Dodge pickup he was driving was stopped Feb. 7 by Officer Jeff Robbins. Hammans said that when the pickup was towed, police found the lower part of an AR-15  rifle in it. Just that part is considered a firearm, he continued, and because Pedro is a convicted felon, he wasn’t supposed to have access to it and was consequently charged with possession of a firearm.
“Since he was in custody, we interviewed him about the skid steer,” said Hammans. “He’d also been seen a day or two before that pulling a large welder behind his truck on a homemade trailer. Due to him being a suspect in the stolen skid steer case, Officer Bill Gerstenkorn thought it was suspicious that he would be in possession of a welder, so he photographed it.
“The following day we got information from Roger Mills County that the welder had been stolen out of Hammon. Using Gerstenkorn’s photo of the welder, a Roger Mills deputy met with the victim who confirmed that it was the same one stolen from him.
“Pedro denied knowing the welder was stolen but admitted having it, so he has been charged with knowingly concealing stolen property.”
Meantime, the mayor’s skid steer is still considered stolen and police continue to look for it.

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