OKC teen charged in shooting here


A 19-year-old Oklahoma City resident, Christopher Winston, has been charged in the July 15 shooting of 50-year-old James Kirkendoll of Albuquerque, N.M., at Joe Baker Park in Clinton.
Kirkendoll was seriously injured, and there were fears for his life when he passed out while trying to drive himself to the AllianceHealth Clinton Hospital. He has since recovered and resumed his employment as a long-distance truck driver.
Winston was charged Wednesday with assault and battery with means likely to produce death. The crime is punishable by confinement of up to life in prison.
The shooting occurred while Winston was only 18 years old. He turned 19 Sept. 15, four days before the charge was filed, and had not been arrested as of 1 p.m. Monday. His bond has been set at $100,000 if and when he is arrested.
Kirkendoll was shot in the back of his upper left leg about 3 a.m. and lost a lot of blood while enroute to the hospital.
An affidavit for his arrest filed with the charge does not state a motive.
Written by Detective Sgt. Ray Hammans of the Clinton Police Department, it indicates the shooting stemmed from a fight Kirkendoll had with another male and in which Winston intervened.
Hammans writes that he was called to the hospital early the morning of July 15. When he arrived, he met with the victim who reported that he had gone to a party in Joe Baker Park, located in the Lincoln Addition east of the 700 block of Glenn Smith Road.
“Mr. Kirkendoll stated that as he began to leave, he got into a fight with another male subject,” reads the affidavit. “During the fight, two other subjects jumped in . . . and one of them then pulled out a gun and began waving it around. Mr. Kirkendoll said that he turned to walk away and that was when he was shot in the back of his left leg. Mr. Kirkendoll described the shooter as a black male subject (as is the victim) with “something” on his face.”
On Aug. 9, continued Hammans, he obtained two videos from Kirkendoll’s brother, Bryan Kirkendoll, who told him someone else had sent the videos to him.
One of the videos shows a black male wearing tan pants and a white tank top dancing inside a house. Hammans said he has determined that was the defendant, and he also had a large tattoo on the side of his face.
The second video showed Winston and two other subjects fighting with James Kirkendoll at Joe Baker Park, said the affidavit. “Mr. Winston then extends his arm out as if he was holding and pointing a gun at the victim,” says the affidavit.
Both videos had been posted on social media by a 17-year-old male who is not named in the affidavit.
On Aug. 21, said Hammans, he met with a female named Alyssa Williams who told him she was at the park when the fight started and it involved the victim and three other subjects. She said she saw one of the three pull out a gun and begin waving it around and pointing it at the victim.
At that point, Ms. Williams said she turned to run away and heard a gunshot. Hammans said she also identified a photo of a black male as the person she had seen with the gun. 
The detective continued, stating he previously had identified the subject in the photo as Winston.
Hammans said he also met with a 17-year-old who had posted the videos on social media and he acknowledged filming the fight, and seeing one of those involved pull out a gun, wave it around and point it at the victim.
The teen who said he had shot the film said he too then turned to run and heard a gunshot. He was shown the video that had been sent to Hammans, and the detective said he acknowledged shooting and identified Winston on the film as the person he had seen with the gun.
Except for the victim, all those named in the affidavit, including the juveniles, were from Clinton. However, others named as witnesses in the charges – but not necessarily eye witnesses – totaled 20 people and included residents of Weatherford, Bessie, Elk City, Carter and Mangum. Besides the defendant, there was also one other from Oklahoma City listed.
A crowd estimated at 100 to 150 people had gathered at the Clinton park that night prior to the shooting.

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