Man fleeing hurricane charged here


A man and two women, one of whom said she and her husband had come to Oklahoma to escape Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, were caught smoking marijuana last Saturday at Foss State Park.
The man was arrested and charged with three felonies while the women were released along with a child who was with them. The man, identified as Wille Lee Bellamy Jr., 33, of Longs, S.C., was released Tuesday from the Custer County Jail on bond of $15,000.
He was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, and knowingly concealing stolen property. The stolen property was a Rohm Model RG23 .22lr revolver that was allegedly found in his possession.
The women, one of them his wife and the other her mother, were not charged.
Bellamy allegedly told Park Ranger Tyler Rickey and Custer County Deputy Sheriff Dylan King, who assisted on the arrest, that he had two pounds of marijuana plus more in the vehicle they were driving. Rickey wrote in an affidavit that he saw the suspect hand the child a wad of what appeared to be cash.
The arrest took place Saturday at Sunset Beach after the park ranger used his binoculars to view the adults passing blunts back and forth at a park table and taking puffs off them. A vehicle with a South Carolina tag on it was parked in a nearby parking lot.
While talking to the group, Bellamy’s wife told Rickey they had come from South Carolina because of the hurricane that was hitting their home state. She said they came here because her mother lived here. The mother, in fact, was the other adult female in the group.
The gun was found in Bellamy’s pocket, and Rickey said it was loaded. The suspect said it belonged to him, along with all the marijuana that was found, and claimed his wife knew nothing about it even though both she and her mother had allegedly been smoking on it.
During a search of the vehicle, Deputy King found a digital scale and rolls of vacuum-seal bags.
Meantime, the Sheriff’s Office dispatcher was asked to check on the gun taken from Bellamy and had found it to be stolen from Conway, S.C. The defendant claimed he had bought it off someone.
When asked if he was a convicted felon, he said no but his wife might be.
“I next asked him if he was selling marijuana, as he possessed a large quantity, had a vacuum sealer and large and small bags ready to seal, and a scale,” wrote Rickey. “He responded that it was all just for him, and grinned while doing such. When asked how much it cost, he stated ‘enough.’”
When the wife was asked about the gun, she said she knew her husband had one but did not know he had brought it with them. She also allegedly said she had been convicted previously of burglary.
Shortly thereafter, Bellamy was taken into custody but his wife, mother-in-law and child were not.

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