Election will decide who fills school vacancy


Following the resignation in July of Clinton School Board member Toby Anders, the remaining board members passed a resolution this week to hold a special election to find his replacement. 
The date for the election will be decided by state and county election officials and the winner will serve the remaining four years of Anders’ term. He was forced to resign when he moved outside the boundaries of the Ward he’d been representing more than five years, which disqualified him for serving on Seat No. 3. 
The School Board’s preference was to hold the special election in November, in conjunction with the general election already being held that month. But because of the timing it can’t be done, said board member and attorney Luke Adams, who has been working with the state election board. 
“Because of the Labor Day holiday we’re literally one day shy of being able to get on the November ballot,” Adams explained to the other board members at this week’s meeting. “I went round and round with the state election board and ran the math and they said no, you can’t hold a special election in November.” 
After Anders’ resignation the board has the option of appointing a temporary replacement until a special election can be held. But after some discussion it was decided to leave the seat empty for now. Part of the reasoning behind their decision was because there are two people interested in replacing Anders. 
“We’re going a longer period of time with just four people sitting on the board. But since we’re going to have two viable candidates I’d rather let the people decide who they want sitting in that seat, whoever that might be,” Adams said at the meeting. His fellow board members appear to be in agreement. 
Since an official candidacy filing period hasn’t yet been set, no one has come forward publicly to declare their intentions to run.
It will now be up the Oklahoma State Election Board and the Custer County Election Board to work out the details as to when the special school board election will be held, and when the filing period will be. 
In a separate phone call this week, Adams said it would have been cheaper for the school district if they’d been able to hold the election in November. 
“I don’t know how much it will cost. I don’t think it’ll be too expensive, but it still would have been a heck of a lot cheaper if we could’ve been on the November ballot. 
“But even if we’d appointed someone temporarily and no one else was interested in running, we would still have to hold an election.”
Adams said he’ll file the resolution with the state election board this week and then it will be up to them to decide the date for the election. 
Board members had speculated that the special election could be held somewhere between January and April, but Adams said ultimately it will be up to the state and county election boards to decide the final date. 

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