The Edge asked to leave Frisco Center

“It’s been made clear to us by the City that we can’t use the Frisco beyond June 30th,” Randy Jones

The Edge, which has rented space at the Frisco Center for its worship services since the church’s founding in 2013, has been asked to find a new home by July 1, said Lead Pastor Randy Jones. 
It’s unclear to Jones why the City of Clinton made the request, but he said it’s put the church in a difficult position. 
The plan had been to build a facility on church-owned property on Clinton’s south side, but because of the timing that’s no longer a viable option, said Jones. Even though the church was finally getting close to breaking ground on the project, the length of time it would take to build wouldn’t be soon enough to help them this year. 
Approximately 800 people come to Edge services each Sunday, not only from Clinton but from surrounding towns as well. Finding space to hold those services — even temporarily — takes planning. 
“It’s been made clear to us by the City that we can’t use the Frisco beyond June 30th,” Jones said. “Before, we were still planning on building a nearly $4 million facility in Clinton and we were close to beginning it. But this kind of closed the door on that option, honestly.
“It’s forced us to look at some other options. We don’t want to invest in renting a space and paying to convert it, because that would just set us back even further from having our own facility. Right now we’re looking at buying some unused retail space we could convert. We’re encouraged, because what we’re looking at looks like it could have some advantages even over the new building.”
He said they’re still in negotiations with the seller, but the property would also have the added benefit of being closer to the people that The Edge serves. 
“Six-hundred-eleven people accepted Christ at our church last year, and on top of that we do a lot of outreach with people who don’t have a car. 
“A lot of our people maybe just came out of jail, people we’ve reached through our jail ministry. We want them to have access, because those are the people we really want to help.”
Jones expressed frustration over not being given a direct answer as to why The Edge has been asked to leave the Frisco Center, but at the same time has chosen to look at the bright side of the situation. 
“We’re excited about the property we’re looking at and we’re really close, but we’ve still got some hurdles we need to cross. I doubt it could be ready by the end of June, which would put us in the position of not having a place to hold church for a couple of months past June.” 
When asked to provide an official comment, City Manager Mark Skiles made the following statement:
“The City is respectful and appreciative of the Edge Church and its service to the Citizens of Clinton. We have asked the Edge Church to find another location so the City and Chamber of Commerce can better market the facility in order to attract more events and activities to the Frisco Center.
“The objective is to create commerce in Clinton that puts money in the pockets of a wide range of Clinton merchants. By doing so it also generates sales tax dollars that are used to pay for services provided by the City.
“We also now have the Tourism Fund, established by the Clinton City Council and participated in by the Chamber of Commerce, to bring more commerce to Clinton by providing dollars for new events here or to enhance existing events. Both the Frisco Center and the Tourism Fund are tools that should be utilized to their utmost potential.”
Jones’ main concern at this point is his congregation and finding them a new home, both long-term and short-term.
“We definitely want what’s best for the city of Clinton and the Frisco Center. But of course I have a responsibility to try to protect our church, and to find a place to meet while we get a new building in order,” he said. “They’re trusting me to direct their investment in the church, and I want to make sure they know that I’m doing my best with it.” 

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