Eco developercould be paid $100,000 yearly


Clinton city councilmen at their regular meeting tonight (Tuesday) will consider pledging $500,000 as a “compensation package” for the city’s new economic development director when he or she is hired.
The $500,000 would cover a five-year period and would be payable at the rate of $100,000 annually. It would be paid from the city’s Economic Development Fund, which had $1.5 million in it in January.
A committee of 10 people was appointed by the City Council in January to find an economic development director for Clinton. A report from the selection committee is one of three items pertaining to economic development on tonight’s agenda.
Funding of the director’s compensation package will be another, and the third will be adoption of a “trust indenture” for the Economic Development Authority.
City Manager Mark Skiles said the new economic development director will not be named at tonight’s meeting, which will be held at City Hall starting at 5:30 p.m.
Mayor David Berrong appointed the selection committee, which includes himself, with endorsement by the City Council. Other members are Ken Baker, Canda Dupree, Juan Garcia, Jason Giblet, Russ Meacham, Valerie Miller, Max McKinsey, F.A. Sewell, and Keith Ventris.
The encumbrance agreement says the $100,000 will be transferred once a year, the first installment upon approval by the governor of the Economic Development Authority. “Subsequent transfers shall occur on the first regular business day of the council’s fiscal year,” it adds. The fiscal year normally begins July 1.
Article II of the trust agreement indicates it’s basically another name for the Clinton Economic Development Authority. It’s described and its functions listed in a 15-page document which the council presumably will adopt.
Trustees of the trust will be the five City Council members, including the mayor. There’ll also be one non-voting, ex-officio member.
Among other duties, the trustees will have authority to issue bonds, but they will be an obligation of the trust only and not the trust’s beneficiary, which will be the City of Clinton. 
Items pertaining to the Economic Development Authority and the preparation for hiring an economic development director are only one major topic on an otherwise very lengthy council agenda.
Other significant subjects include:
• Possible renewal of an agreement with Sinor Emergency Medical Service to provide ambulance services for the city. The cost would continue to be $4.50 per month per water meter, which the city presumably would collect from utility customers with their regular bills for water, sewer and trash collection; and
• Consideration of a new three-year contract with Tracy Yoder to continue serving as the fixed base operator for Clinton Regional Airport. If approved, she would be paid $77,507 annually and her duties would continue to include keeping the airport open and staffed seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.


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