CFD to receive new engine, other goodies


Two major purchases – one of them a new half-million-dollar fire truck – were approved Dec. 18 by the Clinton City Council for the Fire Department.
The new truck will replace one 28 years old that was bought in 1991.
Also getting an endorsement from the council was another batch of dispatch equipment which should help fire fighters here converse better with their cohorts and emergency personnel.
In August the council authorized $53,000 worth of new communications equipment for the fire and police departments. Russell indicated last week’s purchases are a follow-on to what was bought then. He said they will cost about $64,000 but he’s raised approximately half of that – $31,799 – from smaller communities and other agencies for which Clinton provides dispatching service.
Contributors and the amounts donated were the fire departments at Arapaho ($5,000), Butler and Custer City ($2,500 apiece), and the Butler Emergency Medical Service, Sinor EMS, and Cheyenne-Arapaho Ambulance Service ($2,500 each). Russell said $14,299 also was taken from the Clinton Fire Department’s share of Custer County sales tax money.
The new fire truck will keep the department’s fleet of actual fire-fighting vehicles at 10. It will be one of four full-size engine trucks, counting the department’s aerial truck which carries a 100-foot ladder to help fight high-rise blazes. The four bigger trucks are used primarily on structure fires and the smaller ones on grass blazes.
In a memo to the council, Russell recommended the new truck be a Pierce Saber made by Pierce Manufacturing and that it be bought on a five-year lease-purchase plan at a total cost of $568,222. The annual payment will be $124,950.
Russell said he contacted four different truck makers before settling on Pierce, which is headquartered in Appleton, Wis. Apparently the trucks aren’t made until the order is received, as the chief said it probably will be several months before this one arrives.
Once it does, though, he indicated it should be ready for use immediately. He said he got quotes from four “main” manufacturers and Pierce’s was the lowest. In fact, it was so low that the company also offered a package of extrication rescue tools at a special price of $31,379 and another package described only as “loose equipment” at $34,150. The council authorized their purchase too, and Russell said that should eliminate most of the “get ready” time once the truck arrives, while still keeping it within the amount budgeted. He said the tools are battery operated and “state of the art.”
To finance the truck, Russell said an interest rate quote of 4.57 percent has been received but he “would love to see a local bank participate.”
The 1991 truck that’s being replaced is still a good one, he said, but he doesn’t want to get caught in a situation where the department would need to buy multiple trucks at once. So it will be sold.
“Engine 91 has some value, and it will make some small department a great engine,” he said. “Based on my research, we should be able to sell it for $18,000 to $25,000.”
The dispatch equipment that’s being bought is located at the police station in the basement of City Hall.
“Every line will be replaced,” Russell told the council. “There’ll be no more possibilities of frayed lines.”
Councilman Ernie Dowdell said he rode with an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper recently to Woodward. “He said OHP cannot hear the Clinton dispatcher,” said Dowdell.
He then made his motion to approve the communications package and it passed unanimously.

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