Bessie pair enter pleas in stabbing

A father and son from Bessie accused of participating in a bloody knife attack on a Weatherford man in February of 2017 both pled guilty Tuesday morning in Custer County District Court to one felony count and no contest to two others stemming from the incident.
Defendants were Carey John Dudgeon, now 67, and Jimmy Ray Dudgeon, 40. The pleas were entered outside the presence of potential jurors who waited over an hour for the pair’s trial to begin. Afterwards, Associate District Judge Chris Kelly of Washita County, who was scheduled to preside at the trial, excused the potential jurors and ordered them not to speculate on what had gone on outside their presence.
Assistant District Attorney Ricky McPhearson, who represented the prosecution, said the pleas were entered without any prior agreement on punishment. It will be up to District Judge Jill Weedon to set punishment March 4 at 1:30 p.m.
McPhearson said he asked that they be held in custody but Judge Kelly allowed them to remain free on bonds they had posted previously.
Both men were charged with two counts each of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of kidnapping. The one count they each pled guilty to was one of the A&B’s with a dangerous weapon.
They had been charged with stabbing Michael Price on Feb. 18, 2017, at his home in Weatherford when he was 32.
Two women were also charged in the case. They were Leslie Ann Doshier, who was 37 at the time, and Chara Dannelle Lewis, who was 40.
Ms. Lewis apparently entered a plea earlier and was given a suspended sentence, but court records indicate she violated terms of her probation and was sentenced anew in April of 2017. Her new sentence was to run concurrently with two other Custer County felony cases and one in Caddo County.
Ms. Doshier was injured severely in an automobile accident and could not appear for her jury trial. After recovering, she was supposed to appear Jan. 22, 2019, to enter a plea agreement prosecutors had offered her. However, the record reflects that she declined it and reinstated her request for a jury trial. She is now scheduled to appear Feb. 15 for a pre-trial hearing.
Weatherford Police Detective Matt Bartel was the case officer in the original stabbing incident which took place at 309 Reed Rd. where Price and one of the two female suspects were living at the time.
Ms. Doshier told Bartel she and Price had been in a 10-year boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but they had been fighting a lot since he got out of prison.
Carey Dudgeon, the older of the two men who pled Tuesday, told officers he and his son were at home in Bessie when they received a message Price was beating on Doshier. He indicated they went to Weatherford to assist her and that Price pulled a knife. He said Jimmy Dudgeon went to help her but was stabbed four times. Carey Dudgeon claimed he was stabbed twice himself, in his left thigh.
The kidnapping charge was filed apparently because the Dudgeons tied Price up with a phone cord.
Bartel said he was given a video of that day’s events which showed Jimmy Dudgeon approaching Price and hitting him in the face with his fist. Carey Dudgeon allegedly can be seen on the video hitting and kicking Price, who retaliated by stabbing him in the left leg.

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