The holiday season brings friends, family and lots of good food. From cooking the turkey to homemade pies, it is easy to forget safe food handling practices during the hustle and bustle. Every year, approximately 48 million people become ill with a foodborne illness.

It’s believed the No. 1 “consumer” of coffee in American households is ... your kitchen drain. When it comes to making coffee at home, the reality is that many people pour leftover coffee straight down the drain.

Oklahoma has seen significant growth in its teacher workforce with the addition of 1,751 classroom teachers since the 2017-18 school year, said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister.

Moms support ‘Donuts With Dudes’

Manning the ‘goody’ table at Nance Elementary’s recent “Donuts With Dudes” event are, from left, Katie Serfoss with Kendall Serfoss, Brittany Crider, Darian Lovelace and Carrie Shackelford.

Students rewarded for good work

Southwest Elementary students-of-the-month for November include, from left, Nicole Reyes Flores, Jaxson Schultz, Laney Anderson, Joselin Tovar, Matayah Schott and Madicyn Whiteskunk.

Korbet Moore and Channah Cox


Channah Cox of Eufaula and Korbet Moore of Tulsa have announced intentions to marry Dec. 14, 2019, in a ceremony at North Fork Baptist Church in Eufala.

She is the daughter of Barbara Cox of Eufala and Derrell Cox II of Tulsa.

Legislation was filed this week to create an income tax credit for Oklahoma citizens who successfully complete the gun safety training course required to get a concealed carry permit.

American spirit

Zayden Beatty looks at the Stars and Stripes on his flag with excitement during Western Oklahoma Christian School’s annual Veterans Day assembly.

Local company presented with savings

For changing out their old lighting with new, state-of-the-art LED lighting, Sport Chassis (SC) of Clinton was presented with an energy rebate check for $71,805 by PSO.