Skin cancer remains a deadly disease in the United States. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that approximately 5.5 million skin cancer diagnoses and 15,000 deaths will occur this year, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

When you think of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, it would be hard not to think of aspirin — one of the most common, useful, safe, and effective OTC medicines in the world.

Wide range of treatments offered

At TheraWest, PT and athletic trainer Ben Hill does core stabilization exercises with patient Erin Fischer on a quantum cable machine. Their office also offers physical and aquatic therapies.

CMS students selected for honor band

Clinton Middle School musicians who rehearsed and were selected for the Shortgrass Honor Band are, from left, Luke Coleman, Race Elliott, Gisselle Perez, Joel Badillo, Gabby Zelaya, Brendan Bishop, Kalyssa Staggs, Morgan Clayton, Maia Stewart, Adrean Rodriguez, Alex Guzman, Hayden Clark and Omar

Bull in All-State choir

Corn Bible Academy eighth-grader Lorelai Bull, pictured here with CBA music teacher Briana Bull, recently participated in the 2020 Oklahoma Junior High All-State Mixed Choir in Oklahoma City.

A bill introduced recently, the Oklahoma Hazard Mitigation Assessment District Act, would provide the framework for residents in each Oklahoma county to elect and establish a hazard mitigation assessment district.

Due to unfunded mandates of high stakes testing, many Oklahoma schools are using their school counselors as building test coordinators and test administrators, a practice Sen. Mary Boren says needs to stop.

‘Orange’ family of actors rehearse

Orange “Who Family” members in Southwest Playhouse’s production of “Seussical the Musical” are, front row from left, London House, Ellie Stottmann, Curtis Turney, Katie Kreizenbeck and Chloe Houck; and Sarah King (back row). Opening night is Friday, Feb. 14.