Top-rated cancer care in Clinton

In the lobby of Clinton’s Cancer Center are, from left, Macie Hayes RN; Angela Walters; Dr. Robert E. Reynolds; cancer survivor Lisa Ronan; and Tammy Holman RN.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH), Oklahoma State Medical Association, Oklahoma City-County Health Department and Tulsa Health Department have joined efforts to increase awareness regarding influenza disease symptoms, complications and treatment; the importance of flu vaccination and

Cutting edge testing

Patient Shandi Coleman, left, has her eyes tested by Kayla Cloninger at Vision Source optometry clinic. Coleman is receiving a topographical scan of her eyes’ corneas on the clinic’s new OPD-3 scanner.

Patient gets something ‘extra’

Kelli Oliver LPN, left, of Shepherd Home Health also delivers a smile while checking the blood pressure of her client, Mrs. Monnie Hargus.

More than one in three Americans — over 84 million people — have prediabetes, which is a serious condition that often leads to Type 2 diabetes and other significant health problems, such as heart disease and stroke.

Sleep is essential to good health. Unfortunately, over a third of Americans are not getting enough sleep, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over time, sleep deprivation can take a toll on one’s overall wellness.

Legislation was recently filed which prohibits any municipality in Oklahoma to adopt a sanctuary policy. Under the bill, any city or town that enacts such a policy would be ineligible for state funding through agencies and grants.

Patients get ‘hands-on’ care

First Care Rehab staff always ready to deliver care are, from left, Burgundy Howes, PT; Angel Laver, PT tech; Tamara Powell, owner; Brand Hartsell, owner; Kathy Plummer, office manager; Kathy Cole, PTA; and Stephanie Radke, PTA.

Free, friendly delivery

At Salisbury Drug, pharmacist intern Cadren Reed prepares to deliver prescriptions to customers.

Attention to detail

Patient Marina Ray gets a checkup from APRNCNP Kristy Baker at Westview Health Clinic.