Sheriff takes budget hit; cuts begin

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office will get about $186,000 less than it had asked for from the county’s General Fund in Fiscal Year 2014-15 as a result of action taken Friday by the County Excise Board.
“According to the numbers I tabulated, the total budget for the Sheriff’s Office in 2012-13 was $2.392 million and they spent about $2.1 million,” said Excise Board Chairman Harold Gleason of Thomas. “Today we approved approximately $1.785 million.”
Latasha Goodman, finance officer for the Sheriff’s Office, said the cutting has already started.
“Once we found out about the DOC prisoners, we took steps to start cutting,” she said. “We’ve cut the food budget. Everywhere we can, we’re cutting, and we’ll cut more along the way.

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