Wind farm gets $96,300 tax refund

   NextEra Energy Resources will be refunded $96,300 of the $344,179 in Custer County taxes that it paid under protest for 2013, County Treasurer Janet Roulet said Tuesday.

   The company had sued, seeking refund of the full $344,179, but agreed to the lesser amount following an all-day settlement conference held last month under the supervision of District Judge Doug Haught.

   NextEra owns the Weatherford wind farm and felt its 91 turbines located in Custer County had been over-valued by Tax Assessor Brad Rennels, who assessed them at just over $120 million. As reported last October by the Clinton Daily News, it protested to the county’s Board of Equalization – whose membership is the same as the Excise Board – and the board lowered the assessment to $100 million.

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