Water well test: Stung with a temporary setback

“We got another beekeeper out last night, a man and his wife from Leedey, but the bees were still there this morning (Friday). We pulled up to watch ’em, and boy, here they come, hitting the windshield. We’re going to abandon the test until at least Monday.” - Ronnie Thompson

   No flow test was run this week on the Lyle Miller water well, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

   The test was called off after workers showed up and found a pump discharge pipe where they would have to be working full of bees. Angry bees.

   F&H Drilling Service of Elk City, which drilled the well 20 years ago, was supposed to conduct the flow test for the Foss Reservoir Master Conservancy District in hopes it might become another source of raw water for the district’s Charles E. Engleman Water Treatment Plant.

   Three F&H employees were on site Thursday, but they left after all of them got stung by the bees.

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