Deon Gresham and Angela Blind

Two locals suspected of cocaine trafficking

Two local people with long records of drug offenses were expected to be charged again after they were arrested Wednesday by Clinton police for allegedly possessing 40 grams of crack cocaine.
The pair are Deon Gresham and Angela Blind, both 26. Detective Capt. Mike Murley said the cocaine was retrieved from Ms. Blind’s blouse after they were taken to jail. At the arrest scene, Sgt. Shawn Blackowl had allegedly seen Gresham pass the cocaine to her.
As they were being booked, said Murley, Gresham made several comments that he and his associates would do harm to Lt. Ray Hammans, the officer who made the initial stop.
Both suspects were expected to be charged with trafficking in cocaine and Gresham with threatening to perform an act of violence on a police officer.

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