Internationally-known tree expert Steve Bieberich makes his living off of finding trees that do well in the challenging environment of Western Oklahoma like this Chinese pistache. The trees are native to northern China (in fact, Bieberich has visited the country and brought back tree seeds). The hardy tree withstood the 2000 ice storm. It also withstands drought conditions and poor quality soil.

Trees face heavy drought toll

Demand growing to replant them

   Like most other things across this increasingly arid landscape, the planting of trees is following the availability of water. Internationally-known tree expert Steve Bieberich of Clinton said there’s a pent-up demand for trees after many mature trees have been decimated by the decline in rainfall during this long drought, but it’s been spotty at best.

   Arbor Day today has brought attention to the fate of trees. It’s stunning to realize that Bieberich disposed of 7,000 to 8,000 seedlings in 2010 due to the drought and lagging demand brought on by the Great Recession.

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