Adequate moisture has assured fireworks fans that they can have a firecracker Fourth of July. This was the scene Tuesday east of Clinton on Route 66 as Ann Snider, left, was contemplating her fireworks selections and being waited on by, from left behind counter, Diane Martin, Steven Bozell and Hunter Stevens.

Three big fireworks events set

   Three free public fireworks shows are on tap in early July for Clinton area Independence Day celebrants, including:

   Acme Brick Park on S. 28th Street in Clinton will be hosting a fireworks spectacular beginning between 9:30 and 10 p. m. Thursday. The fireworks will be set off in the open field at Acme, so those who come to the park parking lots will be able to see everything.

   Incidentally, Acme is busy raising money and accepting other donations for its after-school program facilities at the former armory. In addition to monetary gifts, donations of athletic equipment, desks and chairs, board games and other such items are being accepted. They’re redoing the armory floors and doing other remodeling work in the old National Guard facility.

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