Checking to see how her favorite book is doing in the Clinton Middle School Most-Read Book Championship is eighth grader Alyssa Jones. The championship involves a bracket much like that used for a basketball tournament.It’s a common scene these days in the Clinton Middle School Library where friends who find good books point the book out to their other friends as part of the CMS 2014 Most Read Book Championship, a contest based on the NCAA basketball bracket. Here, eighth graders Brayden Boyles and Santana Baes meet at the bookshelves for some serious reading.

Students rooting for their favorite books in Clinton Middle School bracket battle

   They’re talking about brackets in the halls at Clinton Middle School, but it has nothing to do with the NCAA college basketball championship, even though the brackets look very similar.

   In this case, the bracket that’s being looked over so feverishly is the school’s 2014 Most Read Book Championship (MRBC), and the students appear to be following the weekly results of the cham-pionship fairly closely.

   Supt. Kevin Hime was credited with coming up with the idea for the project. The bracket was developed by CMS Athletic Director and Assistant Principal Nathan Meget from a list of 32 most-read titles supplied by CMS librarian Christy Manhart.

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