Visualizing the number 100 is as simple as stringing together 100 pieces of round cereal, it turns out. Obviously ecstatic over their sweet project are these youngsters from April Willoughby’s kindergarten class. Sporting these Fruit Loop necklaces are (front row from left) Aydrian Perez, Eli Velez, Esbeidy Lagunas, (second row from left) Daniel Gonzales, Alexia Zamora, Solomon McDow, Damien Rivera, Cruz Rios, Brandon Franco, Esmeralda Ceniseros and Rachel Jones.100 ice cream scoops were a winning combination for Nance kindergarten teacher Ashlee Fry, right, and her students, as they won kindergarten honors for the 100th day of school door decorating contest. Looking over their winning door are, from left, Leila Pete, Trason Lustfield, Savana Martinez and their teacher. The yummy door theme is “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for 100 Day!” Other contest winners are Mrs. Tonya Gaunt’s Pre-K class and Mrs. Tonya Walker’s first-grade class.

Nance 100th day of school

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