Deon Gresham

Jail inmate wrecks cell; bond 1 million $

   Associate District Judge Jill Weedon evidently wants Deon Gresham to stay in jail a while longer this time. The Custer County Jail staff may have other thoughts.

   On recent charges of trafficking in illegal drugs and threatening to perform an act of violence against a Clinton police officer, Judge Weedon set Gresham’s bond at $1 million. No doubt the fact that he already had a long list of prior drug convictions and was out on bond for allegedly endangering others while attempting to elude police during a chase figured into her thinking.

   But two days after he was arrested for the drug trafficking and threats to an officer, Gresham was creating havoc for the jail staff. On June 27, it is alleged, he flooded an isolation cell to which he was confined by breaking a fire suppression system, then tore a security camera out of the ceiling and destroyed it.

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