Pictured are just a small portion of the many volunteers who have helped with the daunting project of keeping Foss Lake’s only boat ramp open by installing metal panels similar to those used for beach landings in World War II. Helpers have included Dale Eagon, Bill Wisdom, Larry Newberry, Kenneth Cross, Mike and Blake Bullard, and Adam Eck. A number of citizens have donated funds toward the project.

Herculean efforts have kept Foss Lake’s only ramp open

Lake use by boaters has been increasing

   Over the past three years, the water level at Foss Lake has declined 17 feet, or roughly 6 feet a year, according to Foss State Park Manager Barry Hardaway, and it’s still going down. Recent rains haven’t stemmed the decline.

   Those simple numbers don’t begin to paint the true and total picture of the impact on the local lake. In recent years, Hardaway and lake supporters have had to battle against the challenge of keeping a single boat ramp open not to mention a plethora of rumors that have served to keep many people away from the popular recreation spot.

   Of course, the expanding shoreline at the lake has also served to reveal a lot of trash that volunteers have been working diligently to remove. On the plus side, the expanding shore has also benefitted the swim beach area. Hardaway maintains that his lake beach area is “the best beach in the state of Oklahoma.”

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