Foss water hike comes under fire at council meeting

“They’re punishing the people of Clinton, Hobart, Cordell and Bessie,” he said, suggesting that the names and phone numbers of the Foss board members be published so they can answer to the people. He also said, “They ought to be a little more responsive to our city manager.”

Hoping to reduce an expected $400,000 increase in its water costs this year, the Clinton City Council passed a motion Tuesday night seeking a face-to-face meeting with directors of the Foss Reservoir Master Conservancy District.
As reported last week by the Clinton Daily News, the FRMCD board on Jan. 13 approved a budget for calendar year 2014 which City Manager Steve Hewitt estimates will increase Clinton’s payments to the district by $407,602 over what it paid last year, to a total exceeding $2.1 million.

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