JaRay Wilson

Forced prostitution allegedly worried teen

   JaRay Wilson was afraid she would be sold into prostitution if she didn’t get the money to pay a debt that she said was not hers, a juvenile witness testified Monday at the preliminary hearing for murder suspect Tucker McGee.

   “She was telling us about the situation with Gilberto . . . and how everybody was siding with him,” said the 17-year-old witness, who agreed to cooperate with prosecutors after allegedly undergoing his own change of heart in December of 2013. “She was afraid she would be sold into prostitution until she got the money for it.”

   The witness, who was identified as C.G. at the hearing, made his remarks while being cross-examined by defense attorney Randy Meacham, who was inquiring about what the witness, the suspect and the 16-year-old murder victim were doing and talking about before she was shot twice in the head and killed Oct. 14, 2012, beside a country road north of Weatherford.

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