Farmrail sold several outdated hopper cars and locomotives to a scrap yard in one of the largest such salvage operations that the company has ever attempted. This was the scene in the western rail yard of Farmrail where hopper cars were being torn up to be shipped off for scrap.

Farmrail dismantles many outdated rail cars in Clinton

   Farmrail Systems Inc. in Clinton has sent three locomotives and 45 hopper cars to the scrap heap in the past few weeks, equipment superintendent Craig Wolfe said Tuesday.

   The equipment had all “outlived its usefulness,” according to Rodney Roof, Farmrail business development manager.

   Wolfe said the hopper cars, which had been acquired by Farmrail prior to July of 1974, were deemed not acceptable for rail line service and had to be retired. A few of the cars were sold to farmers to use on their farms for storing grain or feed.

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