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Custer County Sheriff’s Office
Angela Holliman

Embezzlement charge alleges $35,000 loss

   Edwin Bloodworth, 53, who was convicted of manslaughter one year ago after having an automobile accident while driving a friend suffering a heart attack to the hospital, alleges that his niece defrauded him of approximately $35,000 while he was in the Custer County Jail.

   Bloodworth had given the niece, 33-year-old Angela Holliman of Sayre, power of attorney to take care of his affairs while he served a one-year jail sentence. She is now charged with embezzlement.

   The alleged victim contends his niece cashed an approximate $25,000 Worker’s Comp claim check made out to him, sold his boat and other possessions, and secured two credit cards in his name, maxing out their combined $3,700 limits and making no payments on either one.

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