$45,000 found here in pickup that wrecked

After heroin buy failed

   An alleged drug-buying trip to Arizona went sour for a 28-year-old Ohio man when his “tester” told him the heroin he was intending to buy was no good. But things got a lot worse when the tester and his wife had an auto accident outside Clinton on their way back to Ohio and $45,000 in cash was found in their rented pickup, all vacuum-sealed in $1,000 bundles.

   The tester and his wife, both heroin addicts, were arrested following the accident. The would-be purchaser, only 28 years old, was arrested when he came to Clinton to pick up the other two and the cash, not realizing they had begun cooperating with authorities here.

   All three remained yesterday in the Custer County Jail. Jeff Conn, 45, and Rhonda Conn, 38, were being held on $10,000 bonds each. Bobby Gassett, the 28-year-old, was being held in lieu of $200,000 bond. The trio are all from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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