Clinton firemen work feverishly but carefully to save the life of a Missouri woman, at the same time hoping that no fire breaks out which could set off 17 tons of explosives in the trailer of the truck in which she is trapped. She was freed after 45 minutes but lost a leg in the wreck. From the left are Jacota Hyman, Aaron Snider, Troy Calvert, Calvin Baggett, Caleb Moore and Lt. Brett Russell. Battalion Chief Billy Challis is standing at the left rear.

17 tons of explosives close I-40 west

Calvin definitely saved her life by getting the tourniquet on her when he did, or she would have bled out" -- Fire Chief Randy Carpenter

   Things were tense for several hours Monday evening after a  semi loaded with approximately 17 tons of high explosives and blasting agents wrecked on Interstate 40 west of Clinton.

   The semi was carrying items used in mining rock quarries and controlling snow avalanches in the mountains, said Mike Galloway, emergency management director for Custer County. A list of items being carried showed 293 cases of high explosives weighing 9,093 pounds and 507 cases of blasting agents weighing 25,350 pounds, for a total of 800 cases weighing 34,443 pounds.

   Clinton Fire Chief Randy Carpenter gave one of his men, Calvin Baggett, credit for saving the life of a woman who was riding in the truck. Carpenter said her leg was amputated by the crash and Baggett, one of the first responders, applied a tourniquet which kept her from bleeding to death.

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