A heated discussion takes place in this scene of “Dixie Swim Club,” the upcoming production of the Southwest Playhouse. Christy Russell as Lexie, at left, is talking to Ashley Underwood as Sheree with Ingrid Law as Jeri in the middle. The play opens tonight.

Strong cast accents ‘Dixie Swim Club’ production

   “Dixie Swim Club,” which opens at 7:30 p.m. tonight (Friday) on the Southwest Playhouse stage at N. Sixth and Nowahy in Clinton, is a unique, rich character study made even more special by the five veteran performers who have been cast in the production.

   They are almost a “dream team” ensemble.

   I don’t do it often in these reviews, but I’d like to borrow a quote from one of the characters in the show that sort of sets the tone for the whole dramatic comedy and maybe even for life in general.

   It involves Ann Brown as Dinah Grayson as she’s watching a hurricane come in on the North Carolina shore, talking to her long-time swim club friend, Lexie Richards, played by Christy Russell, “Just when I think I know you, you throw me a curve.”


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