Peter Broussard (left), a floor mat machine operator at a major janitorial service firm in Oklahoma City, is deaf-blind. His strong work ethic is a good culture fit for the company, according to production supervisor Jeremy Dettman

State disability programs help deaf-blind worker find his niche

   All Peter Broussard really wanted was a chance — a chance to work hard, fit in at the job and take care of his family, like everybody else.

   At an Oklahoma City janitorial service firm, Broussard, who is deaf and blind, is just one of the guys on a team that rewards productivity and ambition.

   The company employs 30,000 “partners,” the term they call all employees. The Cincinnati-based corporation provides products and services that help companies keep their employees and facilities safe, clean and looking good.

   Broussard, age 27, is originally from Crowley, La. He has Usher syndrome, a genetic condition that combines hearing loss with retinitis pigmentosa, resulting in progressive loss of side vision due to degeneration of the retina.

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