Clinton’s new fire station has a number of deficiencies that apparently have been there since it was opened 15 months ago.

City Manager Mark Skiles, who came here six months after the opening, confirmed the problems Monday and said steps are being taken to get them corrected.

Bullets have flown in or around Clinton twice this week, with three parties involved in an exchange of gunfire downtown late Monday afternoon and two Farmrail workers hearing bullets whizzing around them shortly before noon Thursday at the west edge of town.

Clinton police soon will be outfitted with body cameras when they’re on duty.

Capt. Justin Parker, head of the Police Department’s Patrol Division, said 14 of the $750 cameras have been acquired and delivered, but it took some doing.



Co-athletic director Mike Lee (right) introduces CHS football head coach Philip Koons (left) during the Meet the Players picnic Thursday night at the Tornado Bowl.

Clinton football players, coaches, fans and supporters of the program gathered together Thursday night for the annual Meet the Players picnic.


After, by his own estimation, 41 years, one month and one week in the pulpit of the First Church of God, Roy Dobbs told his Church Council and congregation Sunday that he is retiring.

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