The objects of these girls’ fascination are cups in which a cumulonimbus cloud and rain have been simulated using shave cream and drops of food coloring. This first week at Summer Playground has been dubbed Let’s Discover Weather week. The youngsters will be studying tornadoes and other phenomena. These young meteorologists are Caitlin Deese (left) and Rachel Red.

Armory availability to enhance Summer Playground facilities

   Clinton’s historic landmark National Guard Armory building has been cleared by the state Department of Environmental Quality, according to Fire Chief Randy Carpenter, for its new uses by the City of Clinton.

   And one of those major uses is as a classroom facility for the Summer Playground youth recreation and education program.

   Playground Director Debbie Carlisle had hoped last year to have the Armory, but it still hadn’t passed final inspection then. Now that the facility is available there will be some 200 young people coming in and out of the facility daily for mathematics and science classes.

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